The Scoop on Competition

Print Competitions are digital in format. All images are submitted to A Maker can submit 2 cases or a total of 8 imges ( Each case holds 4 images) . The Case Fee is $40 per case/ $10 per image. All Images must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on April 17th. There are four main categories for submission. It is very important to submit your images in the proper category.

Submission Categories and Their Sub-Catgories Portraits:

Portrait of a man, Portrait of a woman, Portrait of a Child, Portrait of a Group, Environmental Portrait, Portrait of a Pet. Illustrative: Abstract, Landscape, Wild Animals, Open Commercial: Advertising Illustration, Architectural, Industrial, Photojournalism Social Event: Social Event Formal Portraiture, Social Event Open For more detailed imformation on rules please refer to FPP Rules and Guidelines for Competiton at: