Welcome to the Pro Photo Guild of the Palm Beaches

What Is PPGPB?

The Professional Photographers' Guild of The Palm Beaches, Inc. is a group of professionals who meet together monthly for the purpose of support, education, and networking among it’s members.The purpose is to advance the skills of the photographic community, both photographically and professionally.  We are the official affiliate of the Florida Professional Photographers (FPP) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Our Mission

PPGPB is an open group of photographers, from professional to amateur, dedicated to promoting, growing, learning and perfecting the craft of photography as both an art form and a business. We are dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, experience and training through competition and monthly programs in a welcoming atmosphere conducive to fostering synergy, camaraderie and long lasting friendships. It is our endeavor to educate and enrich our members with the skills, concepts and techniques critical to cultivating and fulfilling the mission of the photographer in full. 

October General Meeting – Round Table Discussion

Round Table Discussion Hear from multiple professional in the industry about open topics such as business and marketing. Each professional will answer a list of questions determined by our board members. But the floor will be open to all members for questions...

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Linda Long – Get Your Life Back & Improve Your Workflow

Everyone knows the old adage, “Time is money”, but really, who follows that advice? So many photographers waste both through inefficient workflows, causing their businesses to lag and their personal lives to suffer. As a busy mom and owner of a thriving portrait...

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